2017 Morristown Magazine

Preparations Underway for 2017 Morristown Magazine

The Chamber is beginning preparations for the publication of our annual Morristown Magazine. This is a full-color high-quality magazine that highlights the Quality of Life in the Lakeway Area. It is used by the Chamber in newcomer packets and business prospect recruiting materials. For the past several years, we have partnered with Lake-way Printers to produce this excellent piece.
Locally, the Morristown Magazine is distributed in hotel rooms, professional offices, churches, schools, utilities and other venues that reach newcomers to our community.
Advertising in the Morristown Magazine is a perfect way to reach new customers and clients. Advertising space is limited to Morristown Area Chamber of Commerce members and advertising opportunities that fit all budgets will be available.
Letters with more detailed information about the project are going out to the membership within the few weeks with ad sales calls from the Lakeway Printers staff to follow. The magazines will be distributed in late October/early November. For more information on advertising in the Morristown Magazine, contact Tammy Davenport at Lakeway Printers, 423-581-5630 or