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From the President’s Desk (September)

Morristown Craft Beer Festival

presidents desk

As focus shifts in our community, a few needs have been apparent lately that the Chamber is working diligently to address. These needs are working on the addition of housing stock available in the community and addressing quality of life items that fit the needs of our changing demographic. From this work came the “Make Morristown Home Committee.” This group currently works with housing developers both locally and outside of our region to encourage the construction of the housing to accommodate our ongoing growth. The second part of this mission is the focus on quality of life which is broad and means different things to almost every individual. Our group has honed in on the lack of craft beer/brewery/taprooms. While businesses make their own decisions on which communities to locate in, our goal is to encourage that market for our community.

Our initial way of doing this is through our upcoming craft beer festival on September 28th. Our goal is a family friendly event with bounce houses, games, food, music along with beer. I believe our take is that these things can coexist as proven by the other 49 states in our country doing them weekly. It is a change for our community, but this is something that a significant majority is now asking about.

Our goal is to be a well rounded community and while you may not like or participate in every activity in our community, I think it is important for events like this to be offered. Now, I know that many of you are very excited and ready to participate in the event on the 28th. Please go to if you need more information or would like to get involved! We did pick a Tennessee Football off week, but it doesn’t look like that would have been much of an issue anyway…