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From the President’s Desk (October 2020)

Change and Adapt

presidents desk

Change and adapt. These are two words we all expect to hear for years to come sadly. Is that always a bad thing though? How can we turn the current situation to not only the norm but a positive in our lives and businesses?

As humans, we are impatient and reject change, unless we just get bored of a situation. The isolation and masks are a great example. What if 100% of people had worn a mask even around close family for 30 days in June. Would that have cured the situation? Who knows, but obviously, COVID isn’t something that can be wished away. The longer we reject safety precautions, the longer it will persist. As this change persists, it creates the need for adaptation and recreation of how to run a successful business.

Many of you have transitioned to new online offerings while our food service figured out how to do take out and delivery much more effectively and efficiently. These adaptations have only made these businesses stronger and more sustainable long term. Your businesses have learned to adapt on the fly and deal with likely one of the toughest stretches of cash flow you will ever deal with.

Major holidays are coming up and while the days aren’t cancelled, we all must adapt for our family and community’s sake. The Chamber will be here to partner with you and assist as your business considers potential changes or adaptations. We all want the best for our business community and that is the reason our doors have yet to close
during the last 7 months. Let us know how we can help your business continue it’s path to change and success!