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From the President’s Desk (October)

Morristown Craft Beer Festival – Wrap-Up

presidents desk

The recovery is underway from the much discussed first Morristown Chamber Craft Beer Festival. I want to first thank our community for the support of this event. While we know we have work to do logistically, much of that need is caused by a turnout of about 5X the projected attendance. I think this shows a need and a want for this type of event in our community.

I also want to thank our major sponsors, Carlyle Properties, Citizens National Bank, Colortech, Rhonda Krenzer and Vaughn & Melton. These sponsors made a significant contribution and we hope they gained much more exposure than they could have imagined. I always like to thank our staff, as I’m usually the one voluntelling them about our next crazy idea, and they always go along with it, at least while I’m listening. Nikki and Marty with Gather Up Events were also very important to the logistics and marketing and did an amazing job promoting our festival to the region. The City of Morristown was also a huge supporter with tons of help from Parks and Recreation, Public Works and the Police Department keeping complete order on a wonderful day.

Early projections have shown an attendance between 5,000-6,000 attendees with over 600 gallons of beer served. This works out to roughly 15 ounces of beer per visitor which lets me know, even with the crowd, this was pretty responsible drinking. The Make Morristown Home Committee of the Chamber will be meeting shortly to discuss the event and its likelihood of moving forward next year as events like these take a number of hours and volunteers. I think everyone agrees, if we had chosen a TN game day, we would have had double the crowd, so if done again, we would likely lock a date regardless of other events or athletics going on.

I wanted to send a big thank you to our membership for their support of us and our efforts in providing quality of life events that align with the growing and changing needs of our community!