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From the President’s Desk (November 2022)

The Annual Meeting’s Coming + “Three & Me”

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November 17th at 6:00 PM, remember that date. Why? That is the date for the Morristown Area Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Meeting. Over the years, our meeting has seen many iterations including tuxedos, dancing, acting and this year will include singing from an alumnus of our state’s #1 ranked community college, Walters State! Charlie Bob Smith is a Walters State Graduate and an amazing entertainer


He is sure to make our event entertaining this year. You may remember the name from his family theatre in Pigeon Forge. The event will be at Walters State this year. Please let the Chamber know if you need tickets for yourself or your organization as full tables are available.

I’m also going to offer up more fun here (if you call being trapped in a car with me learning about your community fun). “Three and me”, (not a dating service) will be myself with 3 chamber members riding through town discussing what is going on in our community while seeing that progress in action. I’m sure the waiting list will be years long so let us know early if you would like to participate!