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From the President’s Desk (June)

Reminders for Getting Back to Business

presidents desk

As many businesses in our community get back to a somewhat normal existence and operation, I think it is as important as ever as consumers, we be mindful of a few things.

The first is an obvious and over used and under appreciated item, but it is SHOP LOCAL. If this global pandemic has taught us anything, it has taught us not to wait until you are on your last roll of toilet paper to buy more, and to produce and consume as many goods and services as close to home as possible. The tax implications should be obvious, but I prefer my paid taxes going to our school system. You ever wonder why Sevier County has such nice schools? You shouldn’t, because thousands of tourists and their taxes pay for them.

Number two is be respectful of these business changes and their newly required policies. The owners and work-ers of a business have a right to their health and safety, and as a consumer, we should be appreciative that they have even opened their place of business for us to shop and enjoy. I’m sure these business owners have no desire to wear masks all day and have the additional sanitation expense, so as a consumer, please respect the rules these businesses have in place.

Number three should be obvious and I think our community gets it more than most, but love your neighbor. With the stress of a global pandemic layered with unbelievable racial tension, show love to all of those around you. Issues like these are generational and while it would be wonderful to flip a switch and make a correction, it just isn’t possible. Teach your children to love and care and over time, these issues will heal themselves.