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From the President’s Desk (July 2021)

Do You Know What’s Going On?

presidents desk

You have seen the TDOT slogan “look alert, arrive unhurt?” Well, the Chamber is adopting a new slogan for community events, “look alert so you don’t miss the daily community events and festivals and be stuck at home bored with nothing to do until your friends post on Facebook about all the fun things they did over the weekend.” We may try to shorten it a little, but you get the point.

In the last year, we have all been out of the habit of looking for events to attend and things to do. Many of our community events are in the Citizen Tribune newspaper (print and digital format), radio station, Instagram and multiple Facebook pages yet some people just can’t find anything to do or “wish they had known about” the last event. There are only so many ways to communicate events and happenings and until telepathy becomes more en vogue, we will just have to stick with the traditional methods of advertisement.

The thought is that each of us have to create a habit of checking these platforms for events if you are looking to participate. We have gotten spoiled with our daily CDC updates, but unfortunately, we don’t have the marketing budget the CDC has.

Please save or even print this document out as it includes a calendar of the Chamber happenings. Also check out all of our community’s other agency happenings as we all are looking for fun things to do and these organizations also need your support!

Additional Facebook pages to check out for community events include City of Morristown (Government, Parks & Recreation) Rose Center, Make Morristown Home, Visit Morristown TN and Downtown Morristown TN.