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From the President’s Desk (July)

A New Commmittee: Make Morristown Home

presidents desk

If you have worked in or around the Morristown Chamber over many years, you have probably noticed that as times change, so do our mission and goals. No longer is the Agribusiness Committee as valid, but today, it has been replaced by the Make Morristown Home Committee. If our plan of work was still the same that it was 20 years ago, we would look and feel like a lot of communities in Tennessee, stuck in the past.

I want to highlight this Make Morristown Home Committee as it is a direct result of a needs-based assessment. Our community is doing very well in retail, commercial and industrial development and we know how to recruit tourists and retirees, but we found ourselves lacking in housing development and quality of life, necessary to encourage working people to live here. This committee started around housing discussions and have now been successful in attracting at least 1 housing developer to the region looking at 300-600 new units. This committee has also been considering a new community festival.

I won’t let the cat out of the bag yet, but I will say we are 5 years late to this type of festival. When talking to my counterparts in the region, their comments were they were in shock we didn’t do one. An exact comment was “ we do 8-10 of these every year.” More news to come on this in the coming months, but I will say, keep the open Tennessee Football Saturday open! Our goal at the Chamber is to be flexible and adapt to our community’s needs, not just become a relic of the past and rely on our history to keep us