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From the President’s Desk (December 2023)

How Are You Looking Forward to 2024?

presidents desk

Is Santa bringing your business prosperity going into the new year or coal?

This is a great time of year to look at your 2024 business outlook to determine your business’s preparedness level looking ahead at a very uncertain future. Are you in a sector affected by government regulations? Is your business a high risk industry where insurance is on the rise? Are there tax strategies that your business could utilize to free up cash flow? Looking at new “social media” policies for your handbook? Website only got 3 views last months and one was from a spouse and the other 2 were parents trying to figure out what you do for work?

These are issues that many of our business face and the only red nose reindeer saving your day are other chamber members. Through our networking opportunities and membership directory, our community is filled with professionals that can assist with all of these issues. It is always easy to look at the next big community for those services, but remember, those people were trained in the same way, but their vision has been clouded with a higher cost of living and a higher cost of doing business which typically is passed on to you, the potential customer.

Morristown is filled with Rudolph’s, so let them guide your business!