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From the President’s Desk (December 2021)

Looking Forward to 2022

presidents desk

As we wish an end to 2021, sadly another year many of us would love to forget, we still have much to be thankful for in our community. Both small and large business alike are seeing record numbers this year. The scary part is that if labor could be found, those numbers could be much higher.

We are experiencing all time highs in housing growth in our community which will hopefully ease the labor crunch. Both city and county are taking necessary steps to grow our county in a positive direction. It is nice to hear from elected officials who talk about it, but seeing officials who actually make things happen is always positive!
Chamber membership continues to climb as we see much new growth through entrepreneurship. With all the positive, please remember there is still lots of time to shop and if possible, please do it locally! Our local businesses appreciate the community’s support! As we look forward toward 2022, the Morristown Area Chamber of Commerce will continue to push, advocate and support our member businesses.

We hope to start the year off early with legislative meetings with our elected state officials to provide direction as to how they can continue to support our local business community on a state level. It is important that we hear from you if there is specific legislation that affects your specific business or industry as without this direction our elected officials are just guessing at our needs and wants.

We truly hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and New Years and we look forward to seeing and working with everyone in 2022!