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From the President’s Desk (August)

Enjoy the Outdoors

presidents desk

As August begins without the return of school or typical fall sports, use this opportunity to unplug your family and get outside.

We are blessed with city, county and state parks that aren’t overrun with tens of thousands every day, and this should allow you and your family an opportunity to explore our community’s beauty. I know how most of us feel about walking, exercising, moving or doing anything that may hint at a level of healthiness during these times, but the outdoors allow us not only to improve our physical health but our mental health as well. Has anyone walked enough lately to realize we have double stacked the sidewalks downtown? I know we usually drive through there, but take a day and walk both levels. Shop the unique stores or grab some new body art. Lets be honest, we haven’t had haircuts in 4 months, would anyone really notice your new tattoo?

As you are taking this first walk, nod your head at people you don’t know, smile a little (don’t worry, no one can see you show it.) Be compassionate to those around us. For many of us, it may be the only enjoyment we get all day. Be observant of the investments your community has made in quality of life features. There has never been a better time to get out and enjoy them!