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From the President’s Desk (August)

presidents deskAs the school year begins, we will see the traffic in our community increase greatly during those early morning and early evening hours. I am like everyone else and expect to get to my destination without the bother of other vehicles or red lights to stop me, but I ask that we all be aware and safe during these times. These children are our future leaders and future workforce in our community. If you are an HR manager today, you know how much one individual means to your company, so let’s try to keep them all safe.

While shopping locally for my wife’s school supplies, a lady stopped my buggy and asked how many kids I had going to school; my reply was pretty simple….as many as her classroom holds this year. Our situation isn’t unique as teachers are tasked with buying more and more basic supplies
every year such as copy paper, printer cartridges and student supplies.

As a business leader in the community who expects a trained and educated work force, find a school or a teacher in need and support their cause. It may only be a few of your left over office supplies, but It means a lot to a teacher who may have a class with over 40 kids in a session. This little bit of help will be remembered by these students, and I can tell you that many companies participating in our elementary and middle schools today have realized this. We have companies providing products used in their manufacturing process to schools to be used in art projects which are then displayed in the companies. What better way to gain community awareness of what your company does
or make!