Chairman’s Message

January 2019

Dear Chamber Members,

2019 is off to a great start! Multiple ribbon cuttings, membership breakfast, meeting with our State Legislators and we are still in January. If this is any indication of the upcoming year, we had better fasten our seat belts, it is going to be another great year of growth and opportunity for our community!

New businesses are still locating in the Merchants Greene area. The State is telling us the exit 4 connector will open this year. Property is being purchased for the widening of 11E to Bulls Gap. New industries are considering Morristown, existing industries and businesses are expanding, and the list goes on. These are all indicators of our strong economy and of efforts to promote growth. Though it would be nice to site back and put it on cruise control and rest, that is not the attitude or character of Morristown!

This continued growth couldn't be possible without you, our Chamber members, and your willingness to "Get Involved, Make a Difference"! It still amazes me the number of people who so willingly volunteer their time and talents. You are the one making the difference in our growth vs other communities. If you are involved and serving, thank you! If you are just watching, we need you! Four years ago, I got involved (after 23 years of watching) and I cannot tell you what a learning experience and how rewarding it has been!

Morristown has a tremendous "quality of life" we all enjoy, and our Chamber's effort is major reason we have it so well. Your active membership and volunteering will continue to drive our success, so I ask you for 2019 to invest in our future! Get Involved, Make a Difference!

Thank you for your membership and support of the Chamber.

Best regards,

Keith Andrews

2019 Chairman of the Board